Contact Lenses

Clariti® 1 day multifocal-the net plastic neutral1 multifocal that does more than correct your vision.

  • $40.00

ACUVUE® OASYS for ASTIGMATISM features HYDRACLEAR® PLUS Technology. Inspired by the way your tear film works, this wetting agent mimics the mucin layer of the tear film and helps keep the tear film stable.

  • $40.00

CooperVision® Biomedics® 55 premier aspheric contact lenses are designed to effectively control the average spherical aberration in the lens and human eye.

  • $40.00

The daily disposable contact lens uniquely designed to correct astigmatism and provide excellent vision so you can get out there.

  • $40.00

Extreme H2O 54 Toric lenses are made with our advanced breakthrough material in a prism ballast design with a toric back surface. This combination is what enables our toric lenses to perform at a higher level for visual acuity and all-day comfort.

  • $40.27

See clearly at all distances, near through far, in an affordable daily disposable contact lens that features Blink-Activated Moisture for refreshing comfort with every blink.

  • $41.00

Optima® 38/SP contact lenses offer a time-tested design that provides excellent vision and comfort.

  • $43.00

Remarkable visual performance and premium all-day comfort in a family of monthly replacement contact lenses.

  • $43.29

TCOMFORT POWERED BY TEARS1 WHILE KEEPING VISION CLEAR AND STABLE. New daily disposable contact lens wearers with astigmatism seeking a lens with clear, stable vision2 and exceptional performance

  • $43.51